Monday, November 19, 2007

Saw Peachy at the Night Market

We just stepped out of the arcade to hit the night market and were still discussing which way to go to the right or to the left side when a smiling face girl went to Sam's side and was looking out for me, then she went to me and said "Melisse? Peachy!" and i said "Uuuyy, peachy!" and gave her a kiss, it was seeing a long time friend! Did not think na i have not brushed my hair for the past hours and have been to the streets of Divi, i just went up and gave her a kiss .. hehehe Peachy and i have been long time ym chat pals, she knew it was me daw when she saw my kids ..hahah ... over exposed! I have had a lot of surprised meeting encounters with my egroup friends and they always recognize my children or husband first then they know i am not far behind... hehehe! Glad to see you peachy! :) Panay shopping! Kami nakauwi 12:00 na, kami na ata nagsara ng night market eh! :)

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Peachy said...

Melisse!!! So happy to see you too :) Alam mo ba, amoy BBQ na yata ako nun, kasi we saw each other sa foodcourt area! Bwahahaah! Oiliness na nga din ako kasi nalibot ko na buong night market nun. Grabe, til 12mn kayo, isang ikot lang ako dun eh, kasi si Joaqui, hahanapin na kO .. LOL!

And yes, si Sam una kong nakita.. sabi ko sa cousin ko "Wait, kilala ko to..I was about to ask ur girl when I saw you coming na :) Mukhang inip na si hubby nun ah.. hahaha :)