Friday, November 16, 2007

Savoring Europe by Car

Going around and enjoying the view, scenery and attraction in Europe is best done in a car my cousin told me. You get to be in the scene when you are up close with the surroundings as he would put it. My friends and i are thinking on embarking on such a road trip adventure and am really excited about it!

Now i have to search for some cheap yet considered the best hotels in London, best hotels in Paris, best hotels in Berlin as well as best hotels in Barcelona so i can plan our road map and enjoy each place and know it's best tourist spots so we won't be shortchanged with our trip. When accommodations have been booked online there is nothing to worry about and all are geared more on savoring the scenery and sights by car! I just love travelling by car because it gives you the freedom to go down in a particular place you fancy!

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