Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pressed for Time

I cannot believe it, i am faced with a lot of things to do, or must i say things that i WANT to do.

I want to finish all my design work as it looks like all of them have deadlines, i want to finish uploading pictures of my finished work in my multiply site, i want to do my opps to catch up with the Christmas shopping spree, i want to blog hop, i want to answer all the queries in my emails/cellphone/website, i want to finish fixing the kids toyroom, i want to reformat my computer, i want to go to Tutuban, i want to answer all the tags, i want to buy a small pet, i want to have a relaxing facial, i want to bring the kids to the moa carnival .... just talking about it makes me want to rush and do it all!

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