Friday, November 23, 2007

PR drops

I read a lot about the dropping of page ranks, sad but true.

I researched about it and found that google has been eyeing on ppp affiliates with tons of badges asking them "to hire me" and "review my post", so was told to take down a few and just keep small ones which still shows affiliate badges.

Well no harm in trying.

I think it has something to do of bloggers not patronizing adsense and gearing towards their competitors. So will try my luck this time and bring back my adsense widget. I will see what will happen.

If you will notice i have two widgets displaying my pr, one shows a three and one shows a pr of 0. So which is which? I do not know as they both update themselves on their own.

But really PPP have been a great factor in our blogging income and that we cannot deny. All my posts have been approved and am still waiting for available opps ... hehehe!

anyway, here is one thing i am trying now, that does not require a page rank number, see the post after this and try it out if you like it. Just click on the "participate" and see where it will take you. Maybe this is something good too, well see.

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