Friday, November 23, 2007

Portable Car Hand Controls

My brother's friend recently figured in a minor car accident and this accident damaged his legs and now hinders him from having control and use of them. It was something that really devastated their whole family. But his friend would not lose hope and still face the world with a bright attitude and tried to do things that he was used to doing before the mishap. One of the things he wanted to bet back on was his driving a car again. He now can go around the city using his Car Hand Controls which makes him drive using his hands with ease. The AZ-1 Automotive Hand Controls really was a big help to his recovery process as it is very light-weight and easy to use. Given it's use it still remains to be stylish and strong for everyday use. Since it is adjustable you can tailor it to the one who will use it in terms of length, that more it is easily removed from any vehicle so you can use any car with it too. He said it also gives you a risk free trial period of 30 days if you are not satisfied with it you will be refunded, but given the feedback i am geting i don't think he has any plans of returning it, he is one satisfied car driver.

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