Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The perfect date

My cousin who was such a shy lad when he was younger looked really different when we saw each other last week in a party. He had the confidence and charisma i did not even know he possessed. He was charming and yet not sounding like a self-centered individual, he was really trying to listen to what the women are saying. It amazed me on his transformation and i quickly pulled him aside and asked me where this is coming from. He first was just brushing me aside saying he has always been like this only i did not notice being his neutral female cousin. I insisted and asked him to spill the beans.

I told him he was now without making much an effort attracting women naturally. He told me that the way to really get girls was not to try hard and just be yourself so you don't come off as being too loud and trying too hard for attention. I was truly amazed with the knowledge he has acquired and i kept on nudging him to tell me more! I said i would not leave his side until he tells me everything.

Because of my persistence he finally told me the secrets of meeting women, keeping them amused with you and even the ways on how to pick up a woman and getting dates. He told me of his new found confidence and magnetic personality came from following helpful tips on a great site specifically to help him approach the opposite sex and eventually get dates!

He then told me of the cool tips he got like how be cocky and yet still come off as a funny guy. He gamely demonstrated body languages and explained the hidden meanings on his every move. He even said he was able to donload a free ebook titled "The flow" that likewise contributed to his present confidence when around women. I am sold with the site he is talking about and was thinking fast on showing this site to some male friends of mine too. He too said that you can get dating tips straight to your email when you sign up. He got to watch videos also from the site on these tips to make it more visual.

My cousin really has turned a new leaf with this new information he is getting. He said he is doubly excited because there is an upcoming seminar on ht e 17th of this month teaching Advanced Techniques. He will surely attend that and will proudly put into good use what he will learn there. I can't wait to see him after he attend the seminar and see a more self-assured man ready to conquer the dating scene and meeting the right women.

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