Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My past hobby

Still in the fixing mode as i was searching for Sam's assignment for tomorrow, she needs to bring different colors of yarn, so there i was looking in boxes when i saw my long lost hobby ... cross stitching! There it was all my finished work and one unfinished one ..hahah! Cross stitching was something i loved doing when i was still single, i even have fond memories of Christian helping me out when comes over to visit me in our house, and me getting a little angry when he mixes the threads ... heheh!

Happy memories unfolded as i looked at the things i have made, from simple designs, to angels and even the Last Supper, that was my masterpiece, i remeber i was even doing that during breaktime when i was still working. One of these days i will take them out of the boxes and have them framed. I wonder when will i ever get the time to cross stitch again? hmmm ... when Bea and Sam get a little older i will let them finish my unfinished project :)

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