Thursday, November 8, 2007

Muscle Car

Between Christian and i, i would have to say i dominate the computer time usage than him. But last night he asked if he could use the computer as he was searching for something. I got curious and said to myself what could it be.

Found out he was searching the internet for MuscleCarLit Website because his friends in the office were talking about it. His officemate brought some muscle car magazines and when he was browsing through the pages his eyes caught some very interesting muscle car ads which is why he want to subscribe as well. His passion for cars is still in him and this magazine got his attention and he was boasting about the good read muscle car article he was able to read during his break.

He called me in front of the computer to show me his favorite car model the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am and he marvelled that he has a minature version of that very car in his matchbox collection. Boy, did this site bring out the boy side in him! His eyes full of excitement as he browsed through the site and kept clicking on the links and look at all the cars and the advertisment as well as the art prints for well known cars like the Plymouth, Chevrolet and his favorite the Pontiac lines. Another good site to bookmark for Christian's list if you ask me.

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