Thursday, November 8, 2007

Multi-tasking galore

Was chatting with Peachy (my guru AKA kinulit ko, together with Jane sa paid blogging) and we were talking about resembling the octopus ways when it comes to getting things done. Hay! Kasi the time we were chatting her little Joaquin wants to play, ako naman Vin was on my lap holding a gameboy while i typed away. Funnny but two different moms can do the same things in different ways but bottom line is WE MOMS GET IT DONE! Galing noh! :)

Then Vin wanted to play dominos and was tugging at my hand na, i said bye to peachy and said "later na lang uli ha" and she goes "ok, bath time na din si joaquin" .. hahaha! And the tasks continue to role in! Happy to be a mom and happy to know great moms too!

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