Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mommy makeover

It's is such a joy to be a mom, that is a fact nobody can contest, the feeling can really overwhelm you and it means the world to us. Being a mom entails a lot of responsibilities since we are now taking under our wing children who will look up to us with so much awe and love. Our children will need to be proud of us in any way, it may be the way we take care of them, the way we discipline them, how we show our love and even how we look. Today's society dictates that we should always look good no matter how pressured and hectic our lives are, it is a responsibility not just for others but for ourselves to look and feel good.

Being a stay at home mom to three kids at the age of 38 it really can be challenging to stay pretty, with all the everyday routine i go through, sometimes just rushing out to go to my child's school can catch me sporting an old shirt and my hair in a hurried ponytail. Looking in the mirror as soon as i get home makes me gasp that i was out in that get-up, and boy do i need a an emergency mommy makeover asap! Fortunately i have maintained my slim figure all these year but there are still a lot of work to be done! hahaha!

I began browsing through the internet and found beverly hills plastic surgery inviting to try. I was talking to my mommy friend a few days back and we discussed that she too was open to the idea of having it done to further enhance her looks. I guess given that that the procedure proves safe then yes maybe it is viable. She said she is looking in seeing a los angeles cosmetic surgeon to feel and look like a star! She said she has been giving this some serious thought for some time. I am so excited to see her new look when she comes over here to visit for Christmas!

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