Monday, November 19, 2007

Mini Donuts

When we went to mall, the three kids were really excited to get some mini cinnamon donuts at the other end of the mall. Letting them know that it was still a long walk from where we were and we were going to pass by a lot of fast food joints already i was trying to strike an exchange deal somehow. But they were really just thinking of sinking their teeth on those freshly cooked doughnuts. So there we went and took the long walk. When we got there to their dismay, cinnamon flavored was out of stck. Their faces dropped and they suddenly felt the heavyness of their feet... hehehe.. i looked at the other flavors and decided to just put sugar on their doughnuts. So i told the manong just sugar, the kids were a little off with it and did not seem interested anymore. When i got the bag of doughnut, shook the bag, then offered it Vin was the very first one to put his hand in, took a bite and said proudly "Mmmm, it's yummy!" and took a bigger bite! That did it, the two girls dug their hands in as well ... and there they finished three bags (3 dozens) downed with cool icy water.

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