Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Tomorrow


It's going to be a long weekend as tomorrow is a holiday! Was able to get my sister on a shopping date tomorrow morning. Christian will stay with the kids so i can have both my hands free .. hehehe!

But you know, when i don't have the kids with me when i go out i think about them a lot and wish i had brought them along, parang mas kampante ako nakikita ko sila, nevermind ne medyo hirap ako, hay, ewan ko ba.

Kaya sometimes instead of going i tend to just stay kasi naiisip ko mahihirapan ako when i bring them but i don't want naman to leave them ... hay ano ba talaga kuya???

Weird no?

Well that's motherhood for you i guess.

But tomorrow is an exception as i will be buying stuff for them .. pero i know when i am there my mind will still be here at home thinking if they are okay. Oh well, i think it is me who has separation anxiety!! hahaha!

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