Friday, November 2, 2007

Hairloss worries? No more!

During the vacation was able to meet up with my the bigger part of the family, a time to get together and talk casually and have fun. Was talking to my aunt who was much older than me and yet i marvelled on how she had very thick head of hair despite her age. She disclosed to me that before she has some problems and her hair started to fall out, luckily a friend of hers was able to share that she was using provillus, and it solved her hair loss problem. And after using it she said that provillus really rejuvenated her hair follicles and really stimulated new hair growth. I can see how she is so proud of her find to battle hair loss.

Since we were already seated beside each other we kept on talking about just about anything under the sun. We then talked about finances and the times that yes sometimes she gets strapped with cash and she shared that she usually needs cash advance to tide her away and she usually avails of pay day loans to help her out during the time she needs extra cash immediately. My aunt really has what it takes to feel secure, may it be aesthetically and financially, she really has them covered.

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