Monday, November 19, 2007

Hair School another option

My sister in law is doing good working as a Chief Hairdresser in a luxury liner and she is enjoying what she is doing. creating many styles and bringing smiles to her client's faces. A few years back she searched for a reputable all service hair school to get her started. She was able to learn a lot of techniques in the cosmetology department and ways to enhance her skills. She enjoyed learning various trade secrets and these are learnings that she can even use to herself not just for clients. She said that once she graduated she was even given places where she can use her knowledge as the school was tied up with good establishments in the salon industry as well as cruise ships and even fashion world. She is fortunate to have enrolled and finished with a good beauty school that helped her future.

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haley joel said...

I feel hair design school teaches a lot of great hair design and tips to make things better. i use some of them to impress my clients by giving them a new look.