Thursday, November 22, 2007

Geisler Brothers

The Geisler brothers drama is something that really hit a nerve for me, it was really about bonding and loving each other unconditionally. Pero before i begin, i want to say na i do not know them personally, so this is really just an observation of the real life tv drama on the big brother house.

Looking at them and seeing them react over some simple things like picking cigarettes/wine over a phone call to a loved one shows how two people who grew up together yet still be different in choices. Totoong totoo talaga yung mga reactions nila.

But galing noh, i was moved to tears when donnie said he wanted his brother to stay, sacrificing himself, but you can see both of them really wanting to stay. Tapos sa twist of events nung tinatanong na sila ni kuya biglang sinabi ni Baron na si Donnie ang mas dapat mag-stay. Feeling ko sa labas they were really not this close, as they had different lives, pero having stayed together for some time, looking out for each other, bottom line is they will sacrifice for one another talaga. La lang, naisip ko lang na sana i can instill in my children this kind of attitude and love for each other pag malaki na sila. Lalo na ang sarap manood nito kasi they are both boys na talaga naman hirap mag labas ng mga emotionsm, but they shone on this moment, their mom should be so proud of them.

Hay, kwentong pinoy big brother, naaliw ako sa kanya, ewan ko ba nagustuhan ko ito ngayon, dati pag may nagkwekwentuhan about it, di ko pinapansin, yun pala i will also be hooked...hahahah!

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