Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christian's aches and pains

Christian went home late from the office last night as he has volleyball practice, gearing up for an office tournament. He has not played for a long time, but during his College days up to his RCBC days he was a player for the bank. But after sooo many years, he tried it again and came home with a sore back, an aching arm and the feeling of exhaustaion as he told me that he can no longer jump as high as he used to. "Tumatanda na ako Dub .." was his soft whisper to me ... hehhe... what did i have to say "Eh, mabisyo ka eh! Pasali-sali ka kaagad, dapat may practice ka muna at least one week, eh kaw tournament kaagad tournament kaagad sinabak mo eh" ... lol! So much for the pandadamay he was looking for ..heheh! I just love teasing him!

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