Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Funny but if you say StayAtHomeMom you would think she would have a lot of free time on her hands right? After all she is JUST home. I often thought about that about my mom, when we were off to ride the bus i would see her after preparing all our baon, getting us dressed, bags fixed she would sneak a rest on the sofa. I was thinking she would now have free time as soon as we go. But now that i am a SAHM for 10 years, all of that has changed.

Being a SAHM practically has no breaktimes, no nap time and no room to be idle. But sure if you want to go and take the road less travelled and keep the house as untidy as ever, sure you will have all the time, but it will get back at you as you will also be the one to fix it up. So, might as well do it the Mcdonald's way "clean as you go" as i have learned!

But i embrace being a SAHM! I would never exchange it with any job in the entire universe, my merit awards are my children! :)

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YETTE said...

kudos to you, melisse! i feel exactly the same way! i love being a wife and mom. even if i don't have a salary, even if i don't have company outings, even if i don't have a yaya, even if my breaks are only an hour and a half (when my boys are napping) a day, the satisfaction and fulfillment I get from taking care of my family and being with them every step of the way is really worth it. despite being a SAHM and homeschool teacher for 6 years now, i still feel like i'm learning the ropes so i'm just doing the best that i can for my family. hopefully, the fruits of my labor will be seen - and appreciated - in the future. take care!