Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blogging like crazy

Yes, i am guilty of blogging like a mad woman today, since i said that this will be my last day (hahah, sure!) to attend to my opps as my work is literally chasing me ... hehehe! i always say that i have to give my 100% to every client which is why i am doing away with my opps for a while (last na nga ito ..hehe). Kakakinis pa kasi i finished a long post when i got disconnected, when i went back to reserve the opps wala na daw, all reserved na!!! hahahah!! Eh di ba blogger saves post automatically? kaya ayun, i will wait when it gets available then link ko na lang sa url nung post ...hehehhe! kakainis!

oh well, i better start with my work kasi malapit na din umuwi kids from school and we have tons of assignment to tackle, it's like i'm back to school!

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