Friday, November 2, 2007

Blog Home Page Sprucing

Since i had a few spare minutes on my hands i decided to fix my html codes on the side so it would look pleasing to the eyes, OC na ito! Fixed them according to sizes para maganda siya tignan. hehehe!

Joined some blog directories as well, fun pala!

Added a widget on the bottom of my page as well, was even able to squeeze in Christian and my theme song ...mushy! hahahah!

Well, enough rambling, have to make use of the time pa to do some laundry ... back to reality! hehehe!
Will set up the wading pool for the three kiddies so i can accomplish a lot of things since the laundry area is at the rooftop, saves me on going up and down to check on them if i leave them downstairs. :)

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