Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Billiards on Saturday

Just got off the phone with Christian, i can feel he is still hiding the discomfort of his workout from yesterday, afraid that i will again laugh at him. Hahaha!

Now, he announced that he was also picked to join the Billiards tournament on saturday. Aba, natuwa naman ata mashado! Remember he finished his bowling stint a few months back, now volleyball, and the latest billiards ... hmmm.. may balak atang sumali sa olympics ah! heheheh!

Don't get me wrong i have never stopped him from joining extra curricular activities, i actually push him to join and be with his friends, he somehow feels guilty that he is enjoying without me .. heheh!

I am happy that he is having some fun outside the office, he needs that, and i have always supported him, we are on our 10th year na and going pretty well. :)

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