Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Best kept discount secrets revealed

Just when you think you haven't felt the Christmas rush, think again. Thanksgiving is just about over and the Christmas shopping begins! But before you think that Christmas shopping means double marked up prices, there is a great way to beat the system ... it's starting just after Thanksgiving by being on the lookout for thanksgiving ads to officially mark the Christmas shopping! This is a perfect time as things can go really low on Black Friday from different stores all around. But what makes shopping on a Black Friday is that you can just shop in the leisure of your home and touch many different stores with the stroke of a few keys on your computer. Not only do you get a head start on shopping but you are spared from lining up in stores, searching for a parking space and lugging your purchases from store to store.

My girls have different likes and they have been raving about getting Bratz dolls for Christmas. Christian on the other hand being the handyman around the house has his eyes on some Black and Decker power tools which i can get at discounted price on Black Friday even before the crowd hits the store. I really want to give in to all their Christmas wish list but i can only do that if i can get to the discounted stuff before the shopping mania hits all of us! Thank goodness to huge discounts on Black Friday!

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