Thursday, November 8, 2007

Adobong Pusit

Adobong Pusit is one of my favorite dishes, especially the ones my mama makes! Yummy talaga!

I used to help my mom cook it, she taught me how to clean the squid well, over nga sa clean kasi halos mabura na yung squid sa kaka-wash ko, first take off the ink sac, then take off naman the parang ball sa gitna nung mga tentacles, then naku mahihiya ang labahan sa pag scrub ko sa body ng squid! hehehe!

Anyway, why the sudden topic? Kasi this morning the school principal texted me saying if i could bring the kids to school as the bus service broke down, since it was just walking distance to school okay lang, hard lang kasi the bags then si Vin sleeping pa. The school naman offered to send someone to pick up the bags to somehow ease my burden..hehehe!

So after bringing them to school i passed by a nearby food shop and saw THE adobong pusit, so agad agad i got one order! And the verdict is .... I miss my Mom's adobong pusit!!!!!!

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