Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yummy arts and craft!

My sister Loren texted me that she is inviting the kids to a cookie decorating activity at the Serendra this saturday. Told Bea and Sam about it and there were all excited, there eyes sparkling and then came the tons of queries "When will it be mama?", "Is today thursday? Then friday? Then Saturday right? Thats's the day Nanay is inviting us?", "Will there be other kids?", "Are all our cousins going?", "How is that mama i don't eat cookies?!" naman ang predicament ni Bea ..hehehe! Sagot naman ako ng "It's okay Bea, you will just decorate it then give it to me.". and she answered "Oh, that's right! I'll make it sooo nice mama!" end of predicament. hahaha!

Have no problems with Sam as she really loves sweets ... kaya di naging problema ni Sam yun.

So saturday came and we went to my mom's house and together we all went to Serendra, Marta's Cakes to be exact. The place was really nice and everything looked yummy ... kami lang ang tao and we even met Marta herself and she showed us the different cookies the kids can choose from. It's at P90 per pack (2 cookies in one pack) then they give you the icing na then you decorate na in their cute small tables.

There were a lot of designs to choose from, pero nung sinabi ni Marta na may mga Pokemon designs, they all got that !

I was looking at Vin while the three girls were gushing over the cookies, di niya pinapansin at tumitingin tingin lang sa counter nung mga baked cookies na ..hehehe! Iba tlaga ang boys sa isip isip ko.

So while the girls were busy decorating, the little boy was busy eating a chocolate chip cookie! Everyone had a great time!

Before leaving the place to go a nearby bazaar, they look at me and said "mama, let's go back here soon ... i want to do this again!" I say, "Sure, just give me the finished products ha!" Yum! :)

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