Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tears are easy to get :)

Hay, i don't know why but lately (o sige, mga over a year na din) my tears are not a rare commodity. Signs of growing old? Now napapansin ko, kahit commercial lang na talaga namang targeted to pull heart strings of viewers get me, at di lang "pull", kundi "yank". I was watching this morning while preparing baon for the two girls the commercial of two soldiers sa kanilang post under the rain (setting is forest, so obviously parang stake out nila yun) the younger soldier asked the one beside him "Sir, ilang taon na po kayo?", sagot naman "48, ikaw?", young soldier answers "Ako po 19." ... "Kaedad mo yung panganay ko ... sana makauwi tayo sa kanila sa pasko noh" ... the younger soldier looks again at the older soldier and said "kaedad yun din po ang tatay ko." .... and that did it ... my tears welled in my eyes ...hay!

Maybe it's time that i switch careers and venture into drama, am sure they won't have a hard time motivating me to cry as like what i have said, my tears are freeflowing. :)

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