Monday, October 15, 2007

Overrated things tag

After 100 years makakarespond na din sa playtime ng blogging ang "Tag you're IT!"

Tagged by kitty

Overrated things daw.... okay, like what she said these are my two cents worth only, it does not represent the consensus of the entire populace ..hahaha!

Not in order as it would take me another 100 years to rank them ... so anyway here goes ...

havaianas - (too pricey for my taste buds, can't find much logic and to think these same things are available locally at our friendly wet market (baduy ko ba?)Pero one time i chanced upon a "design your own havaianas at Rockwell, nagandahan naman ako, kasi nga you can customize it, if only for that pwede pa sa price na yun, pero ready made na ... hmmm.. overrated! hahaha!

crocs - escalator hazard especially to kids, looks funny pa, but there are ones from the barbie line that looks better, but safety wise i have yet to decide on, pero cute yung sa barbie.

politics - arrgghhh!!

impeachment - another arrrgghh!! with a little grrrr!!

actors/actresses commercial endorsements - but what the heck if its giving the local market sales boosts then go ahead

boxing matches - never was a fan of the violent sport and will never be.

Wow, that's just from the top of my head ... hehehe!

I am now tagging my two teachers on paid blogging jane and peachy

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