Friday, October 19, 2007

One day without a computer :(

It was a typical shutdown process, as it was already time to have dinner ... so there i was pressing the same old buttons that led to the silenting of my montior. No fuss. No worries.

After eating, with my head swimming with ideas for layouts as i am about to start three digital storybooks (with three different themes) but equally excited to make them ... i switch on the ever dependable AVR, my start button and waited ... took a peculiar longer time to load ... hmmmm... i waited .... then was taking a little more time .... quite anxious now as i had a lot of finished layouts ready to be sent out for tarpaulin printing the next day ... then the screen went BLACK ... and number selections came asking me if i wanted to be logged in on a SAFE MODE? ... what was that??!! But of course i wanted to BE LOGGED IN any way possible!

I pressed the button "3" ... and it went black and the message "it is now safe to turn off your computer." ... whatthe!!!

With panic on my fingers i did the whole process again ... but this time there was a message that something could not finish loading, interrupted or something... i wanted to black out .. had soooo many files, let alone the deadlines that i had to do, since it was approaching the weekend where i schedule the meet-ups, having this disruption would prove hazardous (Bordering OA na ba??!!) hay!!!

Sige, with the assurance (AKA panguuto ni Christian na everything will be okay tomorrow) i let it rest and hope that all will be okay tomorrow morning.

So i slept earlier than usual ... woke up earlier than usual ..hehehe... but to my dismay ganun pa din!!!! :(

Okay panic seeped in! Asked Christian to load another windows for me, causing him o be late for work ... pero di tumutuloy yung installation! So he left for work na nakisamangot pa din ako.

I called the computer technician, looked for one na malapit lang sa house para sure that they can come asap! Found one naman right away, so scheduled a home service after lunch.

The guy who came was medyo old na (alam mo yun i was kinda expecting young lang na mahilig sa computer and so on) and he did not know a thing about hardwares, i think alam lang niya mag reformat, so in other words it took him the whole afternoon to reformat the computer with my help ... no choice na eh! I was nakabantay the whole time, literally breathing on his neck, kasi may mga dapat ako na mga files na i-save nilalaktawan niya, then he was always saying "ang dami namang files...etc..." and parang nagtatawag ng lizards kaka-buntung hininga! He was nice naman as i was chika chika him, ignoring his sighs and reklamo, even asking me kung important pa raw ba yung particular file kasi medyo pagod na siya. Gave him merienda twice!

Hay, mahaba ang nilakbay ng usapan namin kasi i was really trying to make sure that he leaves wit a decent windows, ako na bahala ... kasi there was a toolbar ng office na i asked kung bakit andun, sabi ko pakitanggal, naku "di ako marunong eh" ...hhayyy!! sige, okay lang po ako na lang bahala maghanap mamaya pagalis niyo kung papano ko tatanggalin yan. Ako na din po magsesetup ng internet ko. He left me with no drivers for my modem and printer, ako pa nag-supply ng ATI driver ... but anyway here i am trying to build my files, tapos feeling ko ang laki ng binagal ng computer ko!!! I need a new one!!!!

Kaya if you would notice i have not logged in at YM dahil i have not yet downloaded the messenger.
Nataon din aksi exams ng two girls ko kaya review din kami. But hopefully in due time i can normalize everything soon!

I am just thankful na at least nakakanet na ako! :)

Got to attend to my opps!! hehehe!

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Suzanne said...

Waah! This is sad! :(
Pero at least, you're okay na. Try degragging, Ats, from time to time. Saka delete or back-up files na lang na hindi mo kelangan madalas. ;) I should know. Been there recently. Hehehe. Buti at hindi naman kelangan i-reformat.
Take care!!