Thursday, October 25, 2007

My busy week after the computer wrath

I can't believe how busy i was installing my programs and searching for drivers and still keep up with my deadlines with work .... not to mention the 24/7 tasks of a SAHM! hahaha! Bring it on!

I can't wait for the kids sem break to come!

By the way, tomorrow is another busy day for me, am off to an early start with the kids program in school, then after that rush to hubby's office for the trick or treat activity where my Bea was assigned to lead the opening prayers for the activity, and coincidentally as she is really going to be dressed up as an angel ...hahaha!

Sam is gond to be a blue butterfly fairy, whilst Vin is a Dino Thunder Power Ranger ... and i shall be the ever dependable nanny .. lugging all the bags. Am so excited for halloween and see the excitement in the eyes of the little ones! Will post pictures soon!

Have to set some time to do my opps ... will have lunch first!

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