Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My better half :)

I am so excited that Christian will have a two day break (plus weekend, that makes 4 days!) to stay home with us. He leaves kasi very early everyday and comes home late na, not much time for him to rest, our weekends kasi are ultra busy as these are the days i schedule meetups for order deliveries and meetings.

I am lucky talaga kasi Christian really supports me in my biz, he does not mind that i ask him to go to many places after (and even during work) to get me things i need, use his office as a pick up point for orders and giving of cds and ask him to stay longer if my clients are running late minsan. He know more of my clients nga more than me as he is always the one who meets up with them.

When i am working naman sa computer and the kiddies wants to play, i see him exerting effort to divert their attention. Pag nagpupuyat naman ako he would always say "Wake me up if you like me to prepare you something to eat ha" ... wala na akong masasabi pa.

La lang just wanted to blog about how happy i am na mabait si Christian and i can he see he really is proud of what i am doing (lalo na sa office nila kung ipagmayabang ako dun ... heheh!) yun lang, feeling happy lang...hmmm... teka makagawa nga mga opps sa ppp ...hehhee ... :p

I forgot pala to share na 10 years na kaming married! One time nga scascan ko wedding pics namin post ko dito para makita niyo kung malaki ba ang pinag-iba namin after 10 years!

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