Monday, October 29, 2007

Living Rosary

Last friday marked the last day of Bea and Sam for school before semestral break, they had a finale program celebrating the Marian Month of the Holy Rosary. Was so proud and happy to see my two girls part of the living rosary which makes my praying it more meaningful. I remember during my St Scho days we always had living rosaries but i don't remember being part of it, meaning that i was a bead in the rosary ...heheh!

My two girls were side by side waiting for their turn to light their candles to complete the rosary. There i was on the bleachers teary-eyed and drinking water, i did not bring Vin as we would be going to Christan's office afterwards for a trick or treat event, so i let Vin go to the office with his papa ahead of us. After the rosary they had three more songs to do where they changed into jeans and shirts (here i am again with our many bags...haha!)

When they were done and it was time for some small eating time, we left right right away as we did not want to belate for the trick or treat festivities, because Bea was asked to lead the opening prayers for th event. :)

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