Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween part2

My two girls joined the McDonald's Halloween Fun Day a day after Globe's Trick or Treat (so walang laundry day for the costumes ...lol!) and am glad that they joined as they enjoyed it very much. We woke early as the party was for 10:00am, so in other words kami ang nagbukas ng mall, both of them were thrilled since they were the very first people to go in and they were eagerly greeted by the sales personnel at the door (they are so used to seeing the same personnel saying goodnight to them, kasi madalas closers kami..hehehe!)

They were surprised to see their classmates there too, kaya mas enjoy sila kasi kakilala na nila kaagad. Did not bring Vin this time as he was still sleeping, sumunod na lang sila ni Christian at around 12:00 for lunch. They had parlor games and paraded around the mall wearing their costumes, waving to the shoppers. As always ako andun naksunod with our bags (hay, kelan ba mawawakasan itong mga bags na ito! hahah!)

May trick or treat uli sa village namin sa 31, pero baka pass na muna, pagod na ako, plus have to go through a lot of candies pa! Happy Halloween to all!

Hay, lapit na Christmas!!! Cool na ng air! Good para save on aircon..hahaha!

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