Monday, August 13, 2007

High School Reunion

Celebrated 20th year High School Reunion of Colegio San Agustin, Makati with a bang! Had a great time seeing familiar faces in a different setting ... enjoying each others company ... and somehow managed to bring back the hands of time if only for one night! Transported to the year of the '80s!

It was really a night to remember and a chance to catch up on good friends ... parang hindi dumaan ang 20 years ... balik sa dating kwentuhan ... dating biruan ... and mga fun times na talaga naman masarap alalahanin, when all things were all so simple then.

As a contribution sa batch, i made the reunion invites, save the date for our website, reunion backdrop for the party and layout for the cd souvenier.

Madami sa mga batchmates came from the States pa para lang maka-attend ng THE reunion, and everyone was saying that it was truly a success! Am glad to have been part of it din!

Kaya ngayon nagplaplano na for the next reunion ... after 5 years ... parang sa beach naman ata, naku baka di kayanin ng powers ko ang magbathing suit nun ah ... heheheh! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tired from malling, pose pa din

Going to the mall poses as an exercise activity nowadays, kasi most of our malls are super laki at talaga naman pahihirapan ka sa kakalakad ...

Here are my brood of three tired kids, time out muna kami kasi pagod na ang matanda (hahahha! ako yun!) We were at the Mall of Asia at until now after several trips di ko pa din masasabi na napuntahan ko na lahat ... puro sa playground, kainan, mcdo, skating and tom's world ang aming itinerary ... hay!

Pero kahit pagod na sila i can't help but bring out the camera and say "I'll take your picture nga!", mga sanay na sa akin kaya ayun smile naman sila ..hehee!

When you are in the malls nowadays nagagamit mo lahat ng special powers mo ... plastic woman ability (to be able to hold three kids at the same time plus shopping bags), xray vision (to see kung puno at mahaba ang pila ng mga check out counters and look for other counters), bionic woman running speed (kapag excited sila at naisipang magtatakbo, have to make sure they are far away from escalators and railings) at award winning drama face (the one i use kapag nagkita na kami ni Christian and hand the reins to him at makapag-rest naman ako!) hahahah!

O di ba, talo ko pa ang nag work-out sa Gold's Gym, Marie France at Lipo ni Bello?! hehehe!


The Pokemon fever touched my two girls with so much intensity that we have to scour all the places for cards, stickers, figurines pokeballs and POGS!

Di naman siguro halata na love ni Bea mga pogs niya di ba?