Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rock! :)

Since it has been jurassic ages since i last blogged minus the 2 posts na kahapon ko lang ginawa ha..heheh) i scrolled down sa cbox and finally went to (blog of my egroup friend MITCH!) and she said in her message that she has something for me in her blog ... so masunurin ako, punta naman ako. :)

Was really touched kasi Mitch (who was earlier tagged by Yette, who was tagged by her friend, who was tagged by her friend also...hahah) included me sa 5 (take note 5 ha...hindi 50!) who somehow managed in one small way or another to rock her world ... naks!!! And looking at her good posts di sha madaling i-rock...heheh, tama ba yung term? She is a very outspoken and bright individual, you can see it naman sa mga posts niya and she is someone with subsatnce, kaya i am really thrilled na napili niya ako (sob..sniff) maraming salamat Mitch and am glad that kahit papano i have made a good impression to you kahit di pa talaga tayo nagkikita sa mata sa mata :)

Here is what she said about how i rocked (a-bye-baby) sa blog ni mitch:

Melisse- a fellow SAHM with 3 kids to boot. Although I haven't personally met her or her kids, I have no doubt her kids are smart, and it is very evident that they're very charming. Her tales of giving birth to her babies still amaze me until now. I have known her from our Parenting E-group to be a level-headed, very resourceful, and well-spoken person. Rock on!

Thank you, ladies, for the opportunity. It was hard to choose just 5, but I should say, it was worth it.

Thank you din mitch! You made my day Rock! :)

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mitch said...

Glad you liked it, Melisse. The pleasure is all mine.