Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Vin's Birth Story as told by ... VIN!

I made a narrative about Vin's birth, pero this time i made it from Vin's point of view, para paglaki niya he can see and kahit papano feel how it was during those days, kasi nga di pa niya alam yung mga nangyayari di ba? This is one of my favorite narrative, hope you feel the emotions din the way Vin would feel it too!

Hi! After two weeks at the Makati Medical Center I am finally home!

My Mama and I went through a lot due to Placenta Abruptio which made my coming to this world earlier than planned.

I was out on March 18, 2:20am and only at 35 weeks and weighed 5.1 pounds. Placenta Abruptio is a rare condition in pregnancy (1 in every 150 pregnancies) when part or all of the placenta (where I rely for food and oxygen) separates from the uterine wall.

Everything happened so fast …It was March 17, 2004 and my mama was just home when around 9pm she started to feel her tummy hardening… she tried to check if there were contractions, but there was none.

She had her dinner and at 10:30 she felt the need to go to the hospital to have herself checked because there was some pain. My papa packed our bag and we all rode the car, together with my two Ate’s, Ate Bea and Ate Sam.

On the way my Mama was getting some painful contractions and it was getting stronger by the minute…. my Papa was always asking my Mama if she could still hold on… my Mama assured him that despite the groans and grunts she could still take it. Minutes away from the hospital my Mama said that she could no longer hear anything and that her vision was blurring and everything was turning white…. She slapped herself so many times so she would not black-out… she would not give in to the blinding light… she did not want to lose conciousness… my Ate Bea was crying and kept asking my mama what was wrong for my Mama was already screaming in pain and was holding tight on her stomach and the car handle.

Finally we got to the emergency of Makati Med where the aides helped Mama into a wheelchair… but my Mama was already shivering and said she was very dizzy… she was transferred to a bed and her blood pressure was 50/70, the doctor from the Delivery Room came down to the ER to pick my Mama up to be transferred to the DR.

In the Delivery Room my mama was whisked away… my Mama said goodbye to Papa, Ate Bea and Ate Sam and promised to be back right away.

Inside the delivery room she was strapped with fetal monitors and another monitor of some kind to measure her contractions…. When they heard my heartbeat slowing down they knew there was fetal distress and that they had to operate right away.

My Mama was given the numerous skin tests and millions of questions which she answered in between moans from the pain… she no longer felt the number of times she was inserted needles for the IV, for the skin tests and the blood count all she wanted was to make sure I was safe.

She was asked to curl up on the operating table so she could be given the epidural, and after a few minutes the cesarean operation happened.

When my doctor came in you could see the panic in her eyes and that she was trying everything to make sure my Mama and I were safe… my Mama was trying to look at what was happening, she would not close her eyes for she wanted to know what was going on, despite many voices telling her to close her eyes and sleep.

It turned out that the placenta where I was in was completely detached from my mama, our only link to each other had been separated for some time… blocks of blood was also taken out of my mama, she was hemorrhaging inside as well…they opened the placenta and lifted me out… I could not move… let alone cry… I wanted to so my mama could know I was alright…but I really had no strength. I was then transferred to a table nearby where a lot of hands were on me… suddenly I was whisked away to the nursery… I was not taken to my mama’s side… I was not also shown to my papa and ate bea and ate sam who were patiently waiting for me outside the delivery room….

It was already the wee hours of the morning…. All was quiet… the activity of the nursery were all centered on me. Two pairs of kind hands were taking turns pumping some air into me… there was a lot of needles being pushed into me…tubes were attached… then I caught a glimpse of my papa trying hard to look at the glass window, trying to see me… he was carrying my two sisters…all were eager to see me. My papa introduced himself as “My Papa” so he could come in… the good resident doctor talked to my papa and although I could not hear what was being said I could only see my papa look so serious and suddenly so sad… the color of his face was completely drained…. My two sisters looking puzzled and confused… but I could see my papa putting up a brave front… he was not giving up… that was my cue… I too had to be strong… I too should not give up!

My papa said my color was gray because of the lack of air but never did it enter his mind that I would not make it through… my papa believed in me…. I could do it… I will do it! I was transferred to an incubator as soon as I was stable… oxygen was given to me and iv’s were needed to sustain me… I took them all… anything to make me strong.

I did not see my mama yet for two days, she too was trying hard to be strong so she could come and see me… but my papa and my two sisters were there all the time… my papa round the clock would often see me… my sisters were constantly tapping the glass window asking the friendly nurses to open the blinds so they could see me… I felt so loved… even inside the incubator I could feel they were all rooting for me! My grandmother and grandfather, my mama’s sisters and brother and relatives came to see me too… looking at me through the glass…. All of them praying for my speedy recovery…. But most of all I could feel God’s love upon me… giving me all the strength needed to overcome this battle!

My papa comes to visit me all the time… before he goes down to make some errands he would pass by and come in to touch me… to let me know that he is just there… the nurses were very nice and even allow papa to take some pictures of me so he could show my mama who was still being given intravenous fluids and blood transfusions so she could be strong enough to see me!

The day has finally come for me to see my mama… she came in walking… no wheelchair… she insisted on walking towards me… I could see her trying to be strong…. But tears were coming out her eyes…. Maybe it was of joy because at last we are together… she touched my feet…then my arms….then my face… it felt so warm…she even planted a small flying kiss on my cheek…. I have felt my mama’s love ….and even without her talking I knew she was my mama… the moment she touched me my heartbeat raced up… the pulsometer attached to me increased in number…. When I heard her voice call out my name I knew I was getting better… I had to be… after all there were a lot of people ready to love me no matter what.I had many tests… cranial ultrasounds, eeg, blood counts, kidneys, lungs…. all tests turned out well…all was normal…. But my doctor said I suffered a mild seizure twice…. I did not have the usual kind of seizure that arms were flying all over… mine was a sucking kind… I was just like sucking my lips…. The nurses thought I was just hungry…but my doctor said it was a seizure… I was tested and they said that my calcium was low… it was easily remedied by a serum…. The level of my calcium normalized… I did not have any of that sucking seizure anymore.

Everytime my doctor would update my mama about my happenings in the nursery, my mama would always cry… but she would always say no matter what she is ready for anything as long as we can be together. My mama said she will take care of me and shower me with her love, my papa and my sisters love me very much!

My mama could go home after four days, but it was sad that I still had to stay behind… I still had to finish a ten day antibiotic that my doctor started just to make sure I did not have contracted any infection due to the lack of air in the placenta.

My papa and mama took turns in saying goodbye to me… my sisters wre still not allowed to come in so we just said goodbye through the thick glass windows… but I knew I would see them soon!

After a few hours…. I was roused from my sleep…. My mama was back! My papa and my sisters were outside waiting for my mama… it was time to breastfeed! I snuggled close to my mama as we nursed together… our valuable bonding time. My mama stroked my face lovingly and kept on whispering sweet nothings…. She even sings to me… even when there were other people in the room… but she was singing only to me… her baby! My mama comes everyday… every three hours… I see her always trying to catch her breath… in her pink nursery robe and slippers that she was required to wear everytime she comes…. She looks a bit tired…. maybe from walking….from the stairs maybe… but as soon as we touch I could feel her face light up as she cuddles me in her arms… I felt so safe… so at home.

Then my doctor said I could just be transferred to a private room outside the nursery so my mama could be the one to take care of me all the time… and that we could nurse anytime… maybe she would not be too tired anymore… I could feel that she is still hurting from the operation but is just hiding it….at last we could be together in one room… with my papa and sisters too!

After two long weeks in the hospital we are now home…. Where I truly belong. I too have already been baptized after two days from the hospital… my mama brings back the glory to God and present me as His son… after all He took real good care of me!

In the short span of time that I was born I learned that with God nothing is impossible… He will keep you under His wing and take care of you… give you all the strength you need to whatever battle you come across with…. As long as you trust Him… He will deliver!

I am very blessed to be given a chance to be His son and to be part of a very loving family where I am assured of unconditional love forever! I have been given the gift of life and I will use it to the fullest…. To love and serve God all the days of my life!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you were born in one of the top NICUs in the country. That might have spelled all the difference in how things turned out. You are really so blessed, Baby Vin!

Haze said...

your post made my cry. it was really touching.amazing how a mother's love can change everything in a child.

amazing isn't it that once our children hears our voices for the first time after being born, it feels like they knew our voices since forever. a certain calmness radiates on their faces.

you truly are a strong mom to your kids and your bunso is one big fighter. braver than i am.

belated happy mother's day!

theworkingmom said...

Galing! I've read this post over and over, and I'm always amazed at your story :). Vin is truly a miracle baby!

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