Friday, May 11, 2007

My celebrity look-alikes ... daw?!

Stumbled into a site where you upload a picture and it gives you a match on who celebrity you resemble ... i gave it a try ... and found the results amusing! Camille Velasco, Camilla Belle, Kate Winslet, Jacqueline Bisset where are you, di ko kayo makita sa mukha ko ah! hahaha!

Decided to upload hubby's picture as well (naghanap ng kadamay)para di naman ako mukhang mag-isa lang na nag-iilusyon. After seeing it it gave me an idea to print it out and put it in a tumbler (the kind that can open and you can place photos) as a Father's day gift. Pero ewan ko din baka di ko din matiis at ibigay ko na din kahit walang occasion, though our wedding anniversary is coming up soon. I was really thinking on giving him the tumbler with pictures of him with the kids para talagang "Father's Day" gift di ba?
Try ko naman upload pictures nila bea and see the results :)
Visit din the site and try it yourself ...


Anonymous said...

Jacquleine Bwiset, este, Bisset?! Naks naman!

The Look-Alike site didn't do justice to Cric! They left out the guy he REALLY looks like. Hahaha!!

I love the new look of your site!

Anonymous said...

Uh, this is Loren, by the way :)