Monday, May 14, 2007

Mc D's Kiddie Crew week

My two girls joined the kiddie crew workshop for the first time this summer... and boy did they have a fun time!

Super sulit yung binayad na P500 kasi they had many things to do, feeling nga nila kulang pa yung time na pag-stay nila sa outlet.

It was a two-hour daily stint for one whole week and a recognition day caps it off on the fifth day. They experienced being at the counter getting orders, drawing drinks (their favorite!), putting icecream on floats, giving toys for the happy meal, french fries and apple pie to smiling customers. They also went around the lobby asking if anybody needed ketchup or gravy refills. They also gave coloring books to kids eating in the restaurant.

Everyday it was a choice of a Mcspaghetti meal or Burger McDo meal for the hungry kiddie crews. Sammie always got spaghetti with no complaints and always finsihed it. Si Bea naman do not like spaghetti and burger McDo so i had to pay extra for her meal, i paid in advance for a whole weeks meal of cheeseburger meal alternating with chicken fillet with rice. Okay lang na i had to add pa as long as nauubos niya yng food niya, and she always does.

They stay for two hours, the first hour for counter/lobby practices and the other hour for arts and craft naman. They made me a picture frame and a mother's day card, thay also painted a pair of slippers.

Super enjoy sila talaga! Thay asked me nga na next year sasali nga daw uli sila. The one handling them and went up to me and said naku nagenjoy po sila talaga, chaka ang babait po nila, kaya lang pinahirapan po kami ni Sam ... gulat ako ... i said "Ha? Baket?"... "kasi po di sha marunong mag-tagalog, buti na lang po andito si bea, siya po ang interpreter namin"..hahaha!!!

I'm really glad na naksali sila this year, kasi it made them experience something fun and alam nila what's going on behind the counters na kasi they were also shown how food was prepared at pumasok pa daw sila sa freezer. Ako naman memorize ko na nag mga stores ng SM Bicutan kasi nga everyday ako nagiikot with Vin. I stay for a while lang kasi sa McDo kasi di sila maka-concentrate sa kaka-picture ko sa kanila, stage mama na ito!

The grand graduation is still to come, on May 19 at the Aliw Theater, im sure they will have a great time too!


Anonymous said...

They really looked like they enjoyed themselves!

Anong age limit niyan? Pwede pa ba ako? ΓΌ

- Loren

Anonymous said...

Hi Ninang Mol!! Hey twin!!

Ganda ng blog mo!

i also want to sign up..

para may excuse to eat mcdo everyday!



hi bea, sam and binky boy!! :)

Melisse said...

Hi Mik!
Im sure mageenjoy ka, sali kayo ni Che next year, para masaya! :)

Gawa ka na din ng blog dito sa myblog, ikaw pa sikat ka sa paggawa ng mga blogs :)

Ninang Mol