Saturday, May 12, 2007

Funny Faces

Most of the time when i meet new people thay get suprised when i tell them i already have three kids ... di daw halata ... kasi i still have a small frame despite undergoing three pregnancies ... but is it really just genetics?

Pati daw mga punchlines ko parang dalaga (baket hindi ba?) but you know it really just boils down to one thing ... if you are with your kids and are around them all the time and are involved with their lives you begin to loosen up and be a kid all-over again. That is one of the gazillion things i am thankful for, that i have children who give me strength, joy, unconditional love and youth kahit sa totoo lang "thirty sooommeetthhiinngg naaah" (pahiram Kris ha!)

Being with them can make you feel young kasi you see things in their perspective, we do things together as if i am doing it also for the very first time, the excitement abounds as they try on new things with me. It is actually like experiencing life all over again and what makes it more special is that i am sharing it with them.

Funny faces in pictures are one of the manifestations of a happy life and that i have many! Faces that show happiness and comfort with each other, it may just be a playful pose for others but for me ... it is pure joy!

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