Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blogging 101

I've always wanted to start a blog ... just can't find time to finally sit down and do it. I made one in such a haste before and i really did not know what to do with the pictures, they were all lined up in a row and i did not know how to manipulate them. So there my attempt to blog ended, that was last year.

Here i am again, with so many things going on with my life, i want to document them, here is another attempt amidst all the activities to start blogging.

Blogging 101 as i have no idea where to start. I have visited blogs of my friends and my sisters and have seen cute sidebars that i want too ... hmm .. but how do i go about it? Hay! Maybe after this first post i might be able to work around this wonderful world of blogging deal ... it may just take time ... tick - tock -tick - tock!

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

Nicer blog:


I wanna see more pics!