Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bea and Sam's Birth Story

My first and second delivery was featured in Baby Magazine! Here are the pages and the story too!!

I am a strong believer of giving birth via c-section… for the sole reason of being in control of what will happen.

I know that giving birth cesarean poses more risk than that of a normal delivery but I feel more comfortable and relaxed with a cesarean birth.

I gave birth to my firstborn Bea after undergoing 22 hours of painful labor which was really more than I could bear, so you could say that I already had my share of labor pains. I had really opted to have a normal delivery from the start but as time progressed I was asking for a cesarean for I could not bear the pain lest put my baby in danger.

I was admitted due to premature rapture of membranes but had no contractions, I then had to be given medicines to induce labor. I was strapped with monitors to record gravity of contractions and baby’s heartbeat. 22 hours of grueling labor pains, I was practically pulling on my hair and biting my closed fist to somehow divert the pain, I felt like giving-up, the contractions were stronger than I could imagine, but still I would not dilate, my water was drying out and I was still 4cm which made birth via normal delivery impossible. I was then wheeled in the delivery room and after being given the epidural, I blacked-out.

The next time I opened my eyes I was already in the recovery room, I was told that I will be going to my room in just a few more hours. I could not believe that I already had given birth, I do not remember anything from the moment I was taken in except the cold table on my bare back. The nurse said I was conscious at the time my baby was delivered and that she placed my baby girl on my chest and that I had smiled upon seeing her.

I have no memory of that once in a lifetime moment and that made me a bit sad… the feeling of longing…my thought was “I should have witnessed that!” The nurse was very nice to me because after a few minutes she came back with a tiny little bundle in her arms and she gently placed my little baby on my chest, I could not help myself but cry to finally see what a beautiful blessing God has given me! The feeling of completeness and bliss enveloped me to experience my baby beside me.

After a few days with very little pain from the incision I already had my baby Bea Christened at seven days old. I was back in normal shape as if I had delivered normally.

I had no post-partum blues and that made it easier for me to cope with my delicate condition. A lot of people marveled that I had just delivered and I was already moving around as if nothing happened.

I conceived again after two years and from the start I already opted to have a scheduled cesarean delivery, my husband Christian supported my decision as well. My doctor and I set out a date for the delivery which was September 22, 2000.

Since I already had my ultrasound, I knew my baby is a girl, after picking out a name, I was then busy organizing her baptism. When I was making arrangements with the church they asked me for a copy of the birth certificate for it is as a requirement before baptism, I said I will just give it to them as soon as I give birth, they were surprised that I am scheduling my baptism only a week after my scheduled delivery date. I had my invitations printed, made restaurant reservations and even my prepared give-aways, everything was set.

I checked in at Makati Medical Center the night before my schedule delivery, so that I way I can have complete rest before the big day.

My daughter Bea at that time was only two and a half years old and since we have had no yaya ever since I too had to prepare her for the event for she will be coming with us to the hospital.

I was not suppose to have anything by mouth at 12am, which is why I ate all my favorite food earlier to give me strength for the operation, I had my enema at around 4am, skintest at 6am and was brought to delivery room by 7am. I was very relaxed, there was no labor pains, nervousness and anxieties to keep me from witnessing this special event.

My doctor came in and talked me through the procedure, she was detailing everything that she was doing it was as if I was just lying down there and just listening to her and I just felt her push hard and out came another blessing from God, Samantha, my little girl!

I heard her first cry and suddenly she was placed on my chest, and for the second time I see another miracle in front of me.

The feeling was overwhelming, joy and tears at the same time, it is a feeling that only us mommies can understand.

If you think about all the things you went through, the nine months of waiting, the numerous check-ups, ultrasounds, backaches, dizzy and queasy spells and all the things that comes with being pregnant, it can overwhelm you, but as soon as you see your little angel you can say that putting your life in line when giving birth was all worth it.

After ten days, with only twitches of pain from the cut, I had my baby girl baptized as scheduled.

Everything just fell into place, a very supportive husband and a happy family what more could I ask for.

From my encounter, giving birth via cesarean was truly a liberating experience for me, for I knew beforehand when my baby will come and that gave me a hand on preparing for this special event.

There was no surprises, panic on the way to the hospital when labor starts, where will I call my husband, waiting for an available room, incomplete overnight bag, nervousness on how long labor will take, how hard will I push, is the doctor there to meet me and all the numerous things we worry about before we give birth , all of that did not enter my mind, only the thought that I was about to give birth to another gift from God and that I was truly prepared in mind, body and spirit.

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